Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

February Block of the Month

This month's block is called "Card Trick". You can use 2 coordinating fabrics for the "cards" like I have in the example, or you could use 4 colors for 4 different "cards". The directions I have listed here are only for the 2 color choice. But just use the directions as best as you can if you want to use the 4 color choice. Don't forget you also need a background fabric.

Here are the directions:

1.) Cut two 4 7/8" squares from each of the coordinating fabrics that will be your "cards", and two from your background fabric. Then subcut them once diagonally to make 4 big triangles from each fabric.

2.) Cut one 5 1/4" square from each of your fabrics including the background fabric. Subcut diagonally twice in an X pattern to make 4 small triangles from each fabric.

3.) Piece together like the following, keeping in mind, my background fabric is the white and my "card" fabrics are the pink and sheep print.

When you piece these blocks together, first piece the small triangles together and then piece that unit to the larger triangle.

Layout your pieces as it will look when assembled. Make sure - again - make SURE your center square is positioned right. Or you will make the same mistake I did and have to get the seam ripper out after you will have pieced it all together.

After you have checked where it is all supposed to go, then piece your block together.