Monday, June 1, 2009

Putting it all together

Now that you have all of your blocks made, lets put them together! There are a couple methods you can do for this. I usually like some kind of sashing around all the blocks to separate them. Also, you have to really look at your blocks and how you put your colors together. Try and figure out how they all can be arranged in a manner that makes it flow smoothly. Something that is pleasing to the eyes. If you are a person like me, I love symmetry. Here's how I arranged mine:

Since I had only one really dark block, I used that for the center. I put the blocks with the most show of background fabric opposite of each other. Then I put the heavier colored blocks at each corner.

Hey, call me anal, tell me I have some OCD issues, whatever it is, it works for me. :) And whatever method you figure out will work for you. Like I said before, it is YOUR art.

So I tried finding a color that would go well with everything but wouldn't take away from it all. I put 2 1/2" sashing strips between all the blocks.

And eventually, I got this as a result:

I really am pleased with my result. Now I will put it together with batting and a backing. Bind it up. Quilt as desired. And TA-DA! Quilt!! Something nice to hang in my living room.

I hope you enjoyed this block-of-the-month series. Please feel free to leave any comments. Or ask questions, if you need any further help.

Happy quilting everybody!